Seven Books That Helped Me Design My Life

You know something is a dream when it just won’t leave you alone. I have realized some of my dreams, but others are being nurtured into existence. Discover seven books that helped me design a life that turns dreams into reality.

Why 2020 Didn’t Bring Me Down

For most of my life, I didn’t readily reflect on the past year and set intentions for the coming year. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I lacked self-improvement tools and avoided reflecting on decisions and events that I now consider reckless or questionable. A lack of self-esteem meant I felt little control over my life, and I doubted my ability to change that. Revisiting the past twelve months without clear hope of making changes wasn’t an attractive option. As I have aged, my perspective has changed.

What Its Like to Go Through Financial Peace University as a Married Couple in Your 50s During a Pandemic

Have you wondered whether taking a class to work on your finances is worth it? I did, and here is what my husband and I discovered. We needed help making some changes, and I was ready to admit it.
We signed up for the in-person nine-week Financial Peace University course offered at a local church to begin in mid-March 2020. Someday soon, we will be doing the debt-free scream and “living and giving like no one else.

Love in the Drugstore Aisle

By now (if you have a Valentine you’d like to keep) you’ve likely bumped shoulders with the throng in front of the drugstore rack, searching for the card most suited to express undying love, contentment, or at least tolerance of your chosen one. Hopefully, you are feeling more of the former and less of the… Continue reading Love in the Drugstore Aisle

Project Gratitude

Received many thank you notes lately? Written more than a few over the past year? For most people, I’d wager the answer is no. As CBS news’ Steve Hartman shared in a recent Assignment America segment, expressing gratitude can change your life. Hartman profiled John Kralik, an attorney whose book 365 Thank Yous:The Story of… Continue reading Project Gratitude

Don’t Check Your Email!

Just kidding… but don’t check it as often. The same goes for Twitter, Facebook and all those other avenues of virtual communication. The constant ping of incoming messages leaves you distracted and unfocused when allowed to stream in unchecked. Consider less frequent and shorter breaks to read and follow up on your feeds. You’ll find… Continue reading Don’t Check Your Email!

It’s January 23rd, do you know where your New Year’s Resolution is?

Uh-oh. Not sure, are you? Hoping everyone else has forgotten that you swore this was the year you would lose weight/stop smoking/start working out/save money/insert-your-resolution-here aren’t you? Take heart, if you didn’t spend the last 21 days working on the new and improved you, all is not lost. Twenty-one days is the amount of time… Continue reading It’s January 23rd, do you know where your New Year’s Resolution is?